Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring break doldrums

Yeah, so I took a long spring break. Shoot me. I needed it. I've gotten myself in over my head with swaps. I really can't seem to help myself. They're so fun. I'm doing the color swap, the spring fling, the coffee and chocolate and the odd ducks children's books.I really hope this round goes better. I got stood up in my first swap and a couple of angels had to fly in to save the day. Gah. I am slowly working toward completing the Selune stole. I need to get going on that too. School is crazy. So much work, all due at once. Plus, nothing very interesting is going on. So, there you are. Done and done.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Broken

Wow! I'm really falling behind. School has gotten so hectic and I've been knitting and swapping like mad. I am currently in three swaps and this will be the last time I do this many at once. They're fun and all, but I think two is probably my limit. It seems like whenever I try to limit myself, all the good ones come around at once. I'm also another year older, having just celebrated my birthday. Quarter of a century, WOOT! I got lots of good stuff for my birthday and hopefully, I'll receive what I ordered in the next day or so. Yeah, Needles and yarn from knitpicks courtesy of my grandparents, a ball winder from my hubs and some knitting books and sock yarn from my mom. Sweet. Also, as a LOSTie, I am brethlessly awaiting the next episode which won't air for TWO WEEKS ( yeah, sorry, got a bit shrill there). The mysteries are building and I am making my brain bleed trying to figure them out. So, any theorys about where everyone is in the time stream, or the orgins of that pointy eared statue welcome here. I'm off to enjoy my stress free work free spring break. Laters!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, the painters showed up. I'm kind of relieved and kinda bummed. Either way, I'm crampy as all get out. I want a hot water bottle. Realistically, I'm just going to complain, so I'll stop and come back when I'm in a better mood.