Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh the times, they are a changing

So much has happened since my last entry. Hubs got the job and we are now living in the beautiful town of Beatrice. That's right folks, we live in Nebraska! It's awesome. The town is super cute and the people here are unbelievably friendly. There is a local farmers market, and we go get fresh locally grown veggies every week. That is usually where we get our bread too. I don't know what I'm going to do when the market closes in the fall. I'm all set up at the local college and have decided to take on campus classes this quarter. So, I've signed up for four: Botany, Comparative Religions, Speech, and Beginning Acting. Only three and a half more weeks until school starts. Woo! I can't wait.

The Nerd is going to be entering daycare for the first time, and while I really think it will be good for her to socialize with kids her own age, I'm ridiculously nervous about it. She also has an appointment to have a few tests run since her speech is nowhere near what it should be. I hope they can help her, because as her vocabulary is growing, I see more and more how much she struggles to be understood. It sucks because I don't know how to help her. But, it will all work out for the best.

Hubs is getting into the swing of his new job, but they have him working graveyard for a while and he isn't enjoying that as much. Hopefully he'll be able to switch in a few months.

On the crafty side, Christmas knitting has commenced and i already feel behind. On the needles right now, a pair of socks for my grammy, since she inspired me to try sock knitting, and a cowl for my sister.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grading on a curve

I kept my 4.0 this semester which shocked the heck out of me since two of the four classes I took were mistakes. Never take a computer course online. A) it's kind of redundant, and B) if you get stuck, you're kind of SOL because the only way to get any help is on the... computer. Yeah. So that's done with now, and I feel kind of guilty saying it, but I totally mopped the floor with MFL. She's been such a beyotch about the whole "my uterus is better than your uterus" thing, that being able to totally decimate her at school was a vicious little thrill. Not that I would ever admit it out loud, but when she told me her grades all I could think was "my brain is better than your brain, so THERE!"

Aside from that, I got my color swap package shipped out and it made it to Canada in record time. It was a huge sucess and I have the comfort of knowing that I have concluded my end of the swap sucessfully.

We're still waiting to hear about the job, and at this point, I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever get all the roadblocks out of the way. First, we drove 700 miles to interview and test, only to be told that hubs liscence was suspended, so no interview for us. We get that straightened out (unpaid fines anyone?) and then they tell us that they can't find the aplication, so we resubmit a new one, then today, they call because they need a current number for one of hubs former supervisors. I call the company, since hubs is working til after they close, and they don't know where he is, so when he got home, he had to call some friends and track this guy down, only to find out that the former supervisor is back in prison. Yay him! So tomorrow, I will have to call them back and let them know that he is currently unavailable and refer them to payroll at the company for verification. It's starting to piss me off. If it weren't for the fact that we want out of here so badly, I'd say fuckit, but anything is better than here, even if it means jumping through a hoop or ten.

Plus, to top all that off, next month my baby turns three and I recently found out that my 9 year old niece has entered puberty. She is growing boobies. It freaks me out a little bit. All these kids around me are getting so big so fast, and I don't know that I'm ready for it. I guess I don't really have a choice, but still... it's all happening too fast.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The End

Of the semester is upon us. Now I'm off to finish finals. please disperse and I'll give details at a later date.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I wanna live

in Nebraska. I hate this town. Nothing ever happens. Understand that it is partially my fault. There IS stuff to do, but somehow it pales after the first hundred times or so. The zoo is depressing because the enclosures are so tiny and the animals seem so miserable, the mall is, well, the mall, and the parks are only good on non windy, non 110+ degree days. Which happen so rarely I never manage to catch them. As for night life, there really aren't many places a couple of teetotalers can go to have adult interactions. It's all bars. Gah. I want to be in Beatrice. It's a tiny little hole in the wall town, but the people are awesome, the weather is lovely, and they actually have things to do that don't involve drinking. Plus, Lincoln and Omaha are fairly close and my grandparents are only a few hours away. At this point, we're just waiting for them to give us the word on the job and we'll be there before ya know it, but for now it's hard core waiting patterns and the end of school doldrums.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Aw, poo

So, another cripplingly boring month has gone by and been replaced with a ridiculously hectic chock a block panic fest. The month started off with a trip to Nebraska that was amazing and awful all at once. The trip was fine, but for some reason, no one in my family knows how to act in a restaurant, which is probably why we eat at home a lot. The nerd is nearing her third birthday, and thank goodness for that because she's making me absolutely crazy. Right now she's pouting and hitting things because I won't give her *another* lunchable. Yeah, worst mom ever right? Then, after we returned home (which was a shame. If I had my way, I'd be posting from a new address and not the black hole of Texas) my friend from Seattle came in to town and I got to hang out with her for a while, which is good, since I haven't seen her or her DD in 2 1/2 years. Years people! It is awesome having her around again. To top it all off, school is ridiculous as we sprint our way down the home stretch. Only three more weeks, and the instructors have been laying the work on uber-thick. Ridiculous. If I have any more work piled onto my desk, I may just have to get drunk and *then* write my paper. Sleep deprivation does about the same thing, so somehow I doubt my grades would end up too bad. Freaking out over finals (Gah, finals- should be a dirty word!) I haven't gotten too much done on the knitting front, but I have been slowly adding to my stash and have managed to finish a felted bag and a few washcloths. Once my knitpicks order arrives, I'll stat on a soaker for a friend's baby, and a fish hat (dead or alive). That's all for now, more to come (hopefully sooner than a month).

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring break doldrums

Yeah, so I took a long spring break. Shoot me. I needed it. I've gotten myself in over my head with swaps. I really can't seem to help myself. They're so fun. I'm doing the color swap, the spring fling, the coffee and chocolate and the odd ducks children's books.I really hope this round goes better. I got stood up in my first swap and a couple of angels had to fly in to save the day. Gah. I am slowly working toward completing the Selune stole. I need to get going on that too. School is crazy. So much work, all due at once. Plus, nothing very interesting is going on. So, there you are. Done and done.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Broken

Wow! I'm really falling behind. School has gotten so hectic and I've been knitting and swapping like mad. I am currently in three swaps and this will be the last time I do this many at once. They're fun and all, but I think two is probably my limit. It seems like whenever I try to limit myself, all the good ones come around at once. I'm also another year older, having just celebrated my birthday. Quarter of a century, WOOT! I got lots of good stuff for my birthday and hopefully, I'll receive what I ordered in the next day or so. Yeah, Needles and yarn from knitpicks courtesy of my grandparents, a ball winder from my hubs and some knitting books and sock yarn from my mom. Sweet. Also, as a LOSTie, I am brethlessly awaiting the next episode which won't air for TWO WEEKS ( yeah, sorry, got a bit shrill there). The mysteries are building and I am making my brain bleed trying to figure them out. So, any theorys about where everyone is in the time stream, or the orgins of that pointy eared statue welcome here. I'm off to enjoy my stress free work free spring break. Laters!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


So, the painters showed up. I'm kind of relieved and kinda bummed. Either way, I'm crampy as all get out. I want a hot water bottle. Realistically, I'm just going to complain, so I'll stop and come back when I'm in a better mood.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

When it Rains

Which it never does here. Seriously? I'm waiting for the painters to show. Two weeks later? Nada. Just cramp-y and crabby. And to top it all off, all my teachers apparently got together and decided that this would be the appropriate time to ramp up the intensity, so I've got so much homework, I ocassionally feel as though my brain is going to leak out of my ears. On the positive side, all my swap packages showed up and I'm just awash in yarny goodness. I got two angel packages for the Valentine's swap (they split it so they weren't out so much money. I get it)
and a knitpicks package to die for.
So much cool stuff, I'm nearly overwhelmed by their generocity. I got four skeins of sock yarn for n CherieC1 and a skein of handspun yarn from Mikelswool. I also got an assortmet of local goodie and other fun stuff. Now more than ever, I'm pumped for the next round. Also, I got some roving from Mikleswool and Ijust have to go get some worsted weight wool for the thrummed mittens that are making me crazy. I can't wait to start.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Belated Valentines

Yesterday was my third wedding anniversary. My husbands longest marriage. Officially. Yes, that's correct readers; I am his third wife. Huh, I guess third time really IS the charm cause no way in the great green world am I letting him get away. Our first year of marriage we survived a god awful pregnancy, and the fatigue and insanity of taking care of a newborn. Our second year of marriage we survived the process of getting and staying sober (proud member of Al-anon- but not the bitchy judgmental kind). Our third year was actually pretty anti-climactic, but hey, I'm not complaining. This year, we are moving halfway across the country (hyperbole much?) and this may end up being our biggest challenge considering that hubs is extremely moving challenged. As in has never lived outside of his state of birth. So there's that. Also (warning: a bit of rant to follow) only two people remembered our anniversary (besides us). Neither of my parents, my siblings, his sibling, or his mom called or even e-mailed or commented on the fact. My grandparents remembered so that makes four that remembered, but honestly, with all the technology available, how hard is it to log on to your facebook (or twitter or myspace or bebo or whatever) and say happy anniversary? Grr.. I realize the world doesn't revolve around us, but geez, is it to much to ask for a comment or two? For those of you who remembered: You Rock. So Hard! (this concludes the rant, now back to regularly scheduled programing) Knitpicks apparently decided to ship at light speed as I have already recieved the yarn for my KAL. It was a nice surprise that capped off an awesome day spent with the love of my life. He even acted as a swift and held the hanks while I wound them into balls. Gotta love a man who supports your obsessions (assuming they aren't the types to damage your health). He didn't even fuss when I told him it was yarn I bought and not gifted yarn. I think it's because he prefers I buy from knitpicks with their uber-low prices as opposed to the rediculous prices charged by Michaels or Hobby Lobby which are really the only options in town. Either way. It was a good day.

ETA: The needles? Totally gateway. I'm already trying to decide which size to buy next.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Guac!

Yeah, in the search for randomness, that's what I got. What? You could do better? Please be my guest. I'm tired and caffeine deprived. Quick update on the yarn-y goings on- My Valentines swap package is coming thanks to the awesomest mod Triamarie74 and some as yet unknown angels, my knitpicks swap package is being mailed sometime next week, in spite of the perfidy of the original mod Shepardsmoon. Apparently, she had quite the racket going. She'd set up a bunch of fake profiles, put them in the swap, and after their partners sent the packages, she'd claim they were flakers instead of just fake. The brilliant Casey caught and removed (all) the offender, but the other mod, who is seriously awesome, was left to pick up the pieces. I also joined a KAL for a shawl and bought my first harmony needles. I'm afraid it's going to be a gateway purchase. In the non yarny part of my life, my third anniversary is coming up and I'm pumped. This makes almost five years we've known each other and they just keep getting better. School is getting hectic, but it's OK, because we're nearly done with poetry in my Creative Writing class, so I'm good. Poetry is all well and good if you show some sort of apptitude for it, but me? Not so much. The Fuckin' Frog (see last post if you're confused)was well recieved and appreciated. Yay! The nerd is learning her alphabet, and hubs and I are pretty sure we made a mistake when we let her watch Wall-E 'cause now she walks around saying his name and heaven help you if you doon't say it back. That pretty much wraps it up for now. I'll post more as the packages start rolling in.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WARNING: This blog may contain strong language. There, don't say I didn't warn you. On Monday, I had class. While on our break (yes, we get a break) I was outside with some classmates and the topic of swearing children came up (don't ask me how). I laughingly said that the nerd's first recognizable word was fucker. A classmate proceeded to get all worked up and offended about the whole thing (she has no children BTW) and when I asked why she was so concerned she said that with her luck, she'd end up teaching the nerd(not unless she moved to Nebraska) and one day at show-and-tell, the nerd would hold up her (insert object, the example was a frog) and proceed to say "yeah, here's my show and tell, it's just a fuckin' frog." This cracked me up, and still does. When I got home from school, I dug out my green and white yarn and whipped up a frog amigarumi for her. Yeah, I'm a nerd but every time I see that little frog, it makes me laugh.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It happened. It finally happened. My life has become so dull, I literally have no words. OK, maybe a few. School is starting to pick up, hence the absence of fun. My creative writing class is going well, except for one pompous jerk who actually said, before reading his poem, "This poem is way deeper than the other poems y'all (Texas remember?) have read" Yeah. I was pretty taken aback, and the rest of the class seemed to be as well. Found out that I am not only the oldest student (at I'm old) I'm also the only parent. Huh, night classes at a community college and I'm the only parent? Weird. I'm knitting like a fiend, but it's progressing slowly as I have to work in home work somewhere, so my knitting time is being replaced by school. Ah, the agony. Soon (but not soon enough), I'll have my very first adult sweater completed. I'm about half done with my friend's Christmas present, and my parents blanket is about half done as well. Still no package from the swap, but I'm trying to be patient. That about wraps it up. If you don't hear from me for a while, don't send out the search team, just send chocolate.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Granted, that title may only make sense if you are a fan of Hey Nunnie Nunnie, but it made me giggle, especially as that was pretty much the summation of my belly dance class last night. I have been slowly losing weight which is all well and good, but it does mean that certain erm.. articles.. of my wardrobe are not functioning as efficiently as they should. We are currently working on a skirt dance that has a few enthusiastic shoulder shimmies in it's choreography. Last night I wore my strap 'em down bra, thinking it would help, but due to the aforementioned weight loss, there was a bit of a shimmy in a place that should ideally only shimmy when there are dollar bills involved (I feel obligated to point out that I am bountifully blessed in that area and have always had trouble reigning them in). The first time it happened, I was a little embarrassed and apparently it showed in my expression, because not long after, the other girls started commenting on the need for a roll of duct-tape. All in good fun, but still, yeesh, talk about embarrassing. Now, my goal is to find a bra that will keep my assets tamed and manageable so it doesn't happen in the future. Ye gods! Bra shopping, how I loath it. I am a reluctant shopper at best if I am buying for myself. Others, I have no problem shopping all day long, but clothing for me? I'd rather roll naked down a hill with a rusty cheese grater and a bag of salt. I buy clothing only because nudity in the bible belt is generally frowned upon, especially public nudity.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pictures Pictures Pictures

So here are some pictures because I've been promising to do it.

This is the needle cases I made to keep them organized. No pattern, just the brain power.

My friend's present. She picked the pattern and the yarn. I'm totally liking the pattern. I'm probably going to make one for me.

My parent's Constellation blanket. Slowly but surely coming together.

Feel the love scarf. Accidental fulling in action.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why do people have Children?

OK, that was totally a not so random thought of the day. Not really the subject of my post. The last few days have been wonderful restful days and I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to cook or wash dishes. We have already gotten our tax return and are enjoying a bit of splurging before we get back to pinching our pennies. I have also gotten a huge chunk of blanket done for a friend. She wanted a blanket for Christmas, but there just wasn't time, so she's getting it as a belated gift. When I told her I hadn't actually made it she was excited, cause she got to pick the color. Whatever, it really is the little things that keep us happy. My swap partner recieved and is enjoying her package, and I am (not so) patiently awaiting mine.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have no idea how many folks actually read this blog but I did want to share some info I found today on Ravelry. Apparently, there is a collaborative effort going on right now to gather as many white or near white knitted, crocheted, or spun pieces together to make a fiber "milkweed pod" It's a really neat idea, and if you have any desire to help out, check out her website:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

On further reflection...

I have decided that as horrific as that image(see last post) can be if you're not expecting it, I am strangely fascinated by it. I will probably end up buying a copy and making a few. My mom would appreciate it I'm sure. Happier note- finished my slouchy hat and love it. I will probably end up making more in different colors. There are a few tweaks I'd like to try, as the ribbing was a little to big for my noggin, but otherwise I'm very pleased. I'm also making progress on the blanket for my parents. I know, I keep saying it, but it will come to pass. Pictures are coming. I have decided that I really like my BCIS instructor, as he has saved me the aggravation of having to drive out to school by finding a *free trial* of Office 2007. Granted, it's only a 60 day trial, but hey, free is free. So right now, I am installing that program and hoping to get a bit ahead as I have been standing still for the past few days and i HATE that feeling. I'll keep the updates coming on the status of the dolly.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Holy birthday !!

Yeah, nothing much going on right now, but I found this link and had to share. It's a bit graphic, so be forewarned.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot for Teacher

No, not really, but I do like my creative writing instructor. She seems laid back in a good way. Plus, if we finish everything she wants to get done early, we get to leave. No busy work, and I am so down with that. My British Lit class and history seem pretty standard and I've already had the instructors, so no worries there, but my Computer class- OY! I have to obtain a copy of Office 2007 Professional. Apparently, the versions that are only a few hundred dollars just aren't quite good enough. Nope, he wants professional. That's like 500 bucks for a computer program. That I am not especially fond of. Grrr. Plus, just to add a bit more aggravation, the bookstore is out and won't get any more in for two weeks. In the mean time, I'm stuck going way the heck out to Cisco to do my work which totally defeats the point of taking online classes. So, school is good. Knitting on the other hand is giving me fits. Aparently, no one carries a sz 6 16" circular. I bought one thinking it was what I needed, then when I got it home, realized that it was 29" and the insert was wrong. I missed the second loop because it was sandwiched between the label. Now I can't find the reciept so I can't return it, but whatev, I can always find something to do with another needle. One bright spot was the mailing of my package for the Valentines '09 swap on Ravelry. It went out monday and should arrive at it's destination by thursday or friday. hopefully everthing is liked, because honestly, my swap partner was pretty tough. Not horrific or anything, but it was a Valentines swap and she didn't like hearts or flowers. Yeeaahh. No worries, hopefully she'll like what she gets cause the knit gift nearly missed making it to the box. Now I know what I want to knit, if I can just get the nerd to quit pulling the needles out of all my projects. She destroyed the slouchy hat I was working on and I nearly went mental. That was the third project she de-needled and I had this one stashed in a zipped bag on top of the bar in our kitchen. She's like Houdini. No keeping her out of anything. Now, she's napping, and I'm going to attempt to start over. Wish me luck. du du dudum, du du dudum, da da!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Open up and say AHH

Sometimes being right sucks the big one. It was Strep with a lovely ear infection thrown in just for good measure. Here is the question of the day: How did I end up with strep when no one else has it, I mean it's not like I walk around licking things or spend all that much time around sick folks so WTH? Oh well. I'm on an anti-biotic and the doctor gave me a shot of steroids to help reduce the inflammation so at least I can swallow liquids now. I did manage to go pick up my books from the bookstore and I am so pumped to start my classes. Only two more days now. WOOT! Nearly done with the scarf, just one more color progression and I'll be able to bind off. Yay! another thing to cross off my list as the scarf is all I'm wating on to ship the package off. That is my goal for today. Finish Finish. Here's hoping the advil I just took kicks in soon. Ps- the painters have also take up residence. This must be my week. Either that or I killed someone in a past life.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Put some Windex on it.

Bah! I think I'm trying to get strep throat again. I get it fairly frequently, and since penicillin and I are not the greatest friends, the stuff I get to cure it, well, to be blunt, sucks. For the past few months, it has just been bouncing from one side of my throat to the other. I am unbelievably ready for spring and the chance to get outdoors again. Not that the winter here has been atrocious or anything, but it tends to swing from temperature extreme to temperature extreme and every one seems to get sick more because of it. on the bright side, tomorrow is the day I get to pick up my textbooks for spring semester and I'm ridiculously excited about that, but books tend to do that. Yep, that's me, a biblionympho( ha- so not a word, but the general concept is wedged in there somewhere). I am taking an english intensive semester ( for me anyway) with a class in British Lit, and a class in Creative Writing. Three guesses which one excites me more. Now, I'm off to finish the gift for my spoilee. I'm almost there. I know I can finish if I just put my mind to it. Pictures to follow (hopefully).

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bad Blogger!

yes, I know, I have been a bit remiss on keeping up with my posts, but keep in mind, I did warn about that in the first post. This has been one of those dull patches. The only interesting thing that happened was that my husband is now planning to sell the house when we move rather than renting it out. Hallelujah! I really didn't want to have to deal with the hassle of being a landlord especially considering that we are moving to Nebraska, not just the other side of town. So things there are moving slowly but surely. Hopefully we can find a buyer sometime in the next few months and get the heck out of dodge. The nerd is doing well and finally says please and thank you in their proper context. I have come to realize that (as far as my style of child rearing goes) I expect much more from my child than others do. Maybe I'm surrounded by indifferent parents, but I don't think a child that has learned to express themselves verbally has any excuse for not being polite. The nerd is two and she understands please and thank you. MFL's youngest daughter still doesn't use please and thank you and she's five. Potty training is another part that irks me to no end. Why do so many parents wait to potty train until their child is almost in school? It just seems like it would lead to more problems to me, but hey, I'm no dr. Spock so what does it matter. Just my opinion. On a less judjmental note, I'm off to enjoy the last few days of my winter break before heading back to school for spring semester. Wish me luck, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.