Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It happened. It finally happened. My life has become so dull, I literally have no words. OK, maybe a few. School is starting to pick up, hence the absence of fun. My creative writing class is going well, except for one pompous jerk who actually said, before reading his poem, "This poem is way deeper than the other poems y'all (Texas remember?) have read" Yeah. I was pretty taken aback, and the rest of the class seemed to be as well. Found out that I am not only the oldest student (at I'm old) I'm also the only parent. Huh, night classes at a community college and I'm the only parent? Weird. I'm knitting like a fiend, but it's progressing slowly as I have to work in home work somewhere, so my knitting time is being replaced by school. Ah, the agony. Soon (but not soon enough), I'll have my very first adult sweater completed. I'm about half done with my friend's Christmas present, and my parents blanket is about half done as well. Still no package from the swap, but I'm trying to be patient. That about wraps it up. If you don't hear from me for a while, don't send out the search team, just send chocolate.

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