Thursday, February 5, 2009

WARNING: This blog may contain strong language. There, don't say I didn't warn you. On Monday, I had class. While on our break (yes, we get a break) I was outside with some classmates and the topic of swearing children came up (don't ask me how). I laughingly said that the nerd's first recognizable word was fucker. A classmate proceeded to get all worked up and offended about the whole thing (she has no children BTW) and when I asked why she was so concerned she said that with her luck, she'd end up teaching the nerd(not unless she moved to Nebraska) and one day at show-and-tell, the nerd would hold up her (insert object, the example was a frog) and proceed to say "yeah, here's my show and tell, it's just a fuckin' frog." This cracked me up, and still does. When I got home from school, I dug out my green and white yarn and whipped up a frog amigarumi for her. Yeah, I'm a nerd but every time I see that little frog, it makes me laugh.