Sunday, February 22, 2009

When it Rains

Which it never does here. Seriously? I'm waiting for the painters to show. Two weeks later? Nada. Just cramp-y and crabby. And to top it all off, all my teachers apparently got together and decided that this would be the appropriate time to ramp up the intensity, so I've got so much homework, I ocassionally feel as though my brain is going to leak out of my ears. On the positive side, all my swap packages showed up and I'm just awash in yarny goodness. I got two angel packages for the Valentine's swap (they split it so they weren't out so much money. I get it)
and a knitpicks package to die for.
So much cool stuff, I'm nearly overwhelmed by their generocity. I got four skeins of sock yarn for n CherieC1 and a skein of handspun yarn from Mikelswool. I also got an assortmet of local goodie and other fun stuff. Now more than ever, I'm pumped for the next round. Also, I got some roving from Mikleswool and Ijust have to go get some worsted weight wool for the thrummed mittens that are making me crazy. I can't wait to start.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Belated Valentines

Yesterday was my third wedding anniversary. My husbands longest marriage. Officially. Yes, that's correct readers; I am his third wife. Huh, I guess third time really IS the charm cause no way in the great green world am I letting him get away. Our first year of marriage we survived a god awful pregnancy, and the fatigue and insanity of taking care of a newborn. Our second year of marriage we survived the process of getting and staying sober (proud member of Al-anon- but not the bitchy judgmental kind). Our third year was actually pretty anti-climactic, but hey, I'm not complaining. This year, we are moving halfway across the country (hyperbole much?) and this may end up being our biggest challenge considering that hubs is extremely moving challenged. As in has never lived outside of his state of birth. So there's that. Also (warning: a bit of rant to follow) only two people remembered our anniversary (besides us). Neither of my parents, my siblings, his sibling, or his mom called or even e-mailed or commented on the fact. My grandparents remembered so that makes four that remembered, but honestly, with all the technology available, how hard is it to log on to your facebook (or twitter or myspace or bebo or whatever) and say happy anniversary? Grr.. I realize the world doesn't revolve around us, but geez, is it to much to ask for a comment or two? For those of you who remembered: You Rock. So Hard! (this concludes the rant, now back to regularly scheduled programing) Knitpicks apparently decided to ship at light speed as I have already recieved the yarn for my KAL. It was a nice surprise that capped off an awesome day spent with the love of my life. He even acted as a swift and held the hanks while I wound them into balls. Gotta love a man who supports your obsessions (assuming they aren't the types to damage your health). He didn't even fuss when I told him it was yarn I bought and not gifted yarn. I think it's because he prefers I buy from knitpicks with their uber-low prices as opposed to the rediculous prices charged by Michaels or Hobby Lobby which are really the only options in town. Either way. It was a good day.

ETA: The needles? Totally gateway. I'm already trying to decide which size to buy next.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Holy Guac!

Yeah, in the search for randomness, that's what I got. What? You could do better? Please be my guest. I'm tired and caffeine deprived. Quick update on the yarn-y goings on- My Valentines swap package is coming thanks to the awesomest mod Triamarie74 and some as yet unknown angels, my knitpicks swap package is being mailed sometime next week, in spite of the perfidy of the original mod Shepardsmoon. Apparently, she had quite the racket going. She'd set up a bunch of fake profiles, put them in the swap, and after their partners sent the packages, she'd claim they were flakers instead of just fake. The brilliant Casey caught and removed (all) the offender, but the other mod, who is seriously awesome, was left to pick up the pieces. I also joined a KAL for a shawl and bought my first harmony needles. I'm afraid it's going to be a gateway purchase. In the non yarny part of my life, my third anniversary is coming up and I'm pumped. This makes almost five years we've known each other and they just keep getting better. School is getting hectic, but it's OK, because we're nearly done with poetry in my Creative Writing class, so I'm good. Poetry is all well and good if you show some sort of apptitude for it, but me? Not so much. The Fuckin' Frog (see last post if you're confused)was well recieved and appreciated. Yay! The nerd is learning her alphabet, and hubs and I are pretty sure we made a mistake when we let her watch Wall-E 'cause now she walks around saying his name and heaven help you if you doon't say it back. That pretty much wraps it up for now. I'll post more as the packages start rolling in.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

WARNING: This blog may contain strong language. There, don't say I didn't warn you. On Monday, I had class. While on our break (yes, we get a break) I was outside with some classmates and the topic of swearing children came up (don't ask me how). I laughingly said that the nerd's first recognizable word was fucker. A classmate proceeded to get all worked up and offended about the whole thing (she has no children BTW) and when I asked why she was so concerned she said that with her luck, she'd end up teaching the nerd(not unless she moved to Nebraska) and one day at show-and-tell, the nerd would hold up her (insert object, the example was a frog) and proceed to say "yeah, here's my show and tell, it's just a fuckin' frog." This cracked me up, and still does. When I got home from school, I dug out my green and white yarn and whipped up a frog amigarumi for her. Yeah, I'm a nerd but every time I see that little frog, it makes me laugh.