Sunday, February 22, 2009

When it Rains

Which it never does here. Seriously? I'm waiting for the painters to show. Two weeks later? Nada. Just cramp-y and crabby. And to top it all off, all my teachers apparently got together and decided that this would be the appropriate time to ramp up the intensity, so I've got so much homework, I ocassionally feel as though my brain is going to leak out of my ears. On the positive side, all my swap packages showed up and I'm just awash in yarny goodness. I got two angel packages for the Valentine's swap (they split it so they weren't out so much money. I get it)
and a knitpicks package to die for.
So much cool stuff, I'm nearly overwhelmed by their generocity. I got four skeins of sock yarn for n CherieC1 and a skein of handspun yarn from Mikelswool. I also got an assortmet of local goodie and other fun stuff. Now more than ever, I'm pumped for the next round. Also, I got some roving from Mikleswool and Ijust have to go get some worsted weight wool for the thrummed mittens that are making me crazy. I can't wait to start.

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