Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hot for Teacher

No, not really, but I do like my creative writing instructor. She seems laid back in a good way. Plus, if we finish everything she wants to get done early, we get to leave. No busy work, and I am so down with that. My British Lit class and history seem pretty standard and I've already had the instructors, so no worries there, but my Computer class- OY! I have to obtain a copy of Office 2007 Professional. Apparently, the versions that are only a few hundred dollars just aren't quite good enough. Nope, he wants professional. That's like 500 bucks for a computer program. That I am not especially fond of. Grrr. Plus, just to add a bit more aggravation, the bookstore is out and won't get any more in for two weeks. In the mean time, I'm stuck going way the heck out to Cisco to do my work which totally defeats the point of taking online classes. So, school is good. Knitting on the other hand is giving me fits. Aparently, no one carries a sz 6 16" circular. I bought one thinking it was what I needed, then when I got it home, realized that it was 29" and the insert was wrong. I missed the second loop because it was sandwiched between the label. Now I can't find the reciept so I can't return it, but whatev, I can always find something to do with another needle. One bright spot was the mailing of my package for the Valentines '09 swap on Ravelry. It went out monday and should arrive at it's destination by thursday or friday. hopefully everthing is liked, because honestly, my swap partner was pretty tough. Not horrific or anything, but it was a Valentines swap and she didn't like hearts or flowers. Yeeaahh. No worries, hopefully she'll like what she gets cause the knit gift nearly missed making it to the box. Now I know what I want to knit, if I can just get the nerd to quit pulling the needles out of all my projects. She destroyed the slouchy hat I was working on and I nearly went mental. That was the third project she de-needled and I had this one stashed in a zipped bag on top of the bar in our kitchen. She's like Houdini. No keeping her out of anything. Now, she's napping, and I'm going to attempt to start over. Wish me luck. du du dudum, du du dudum, da da!!

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