Friday, January 23, 2009


Granted, that title may only make sense if you are a fan of Hey Nunnie Nunnie, but it made me giggle, especially as that was pretty much the summation of my belly dance class last night. I have been slowly losing weight which is all well and good, but it does mean that certain erm.. articles.. of my wardrobe are not functioning as efficiently as they should. We are currently working on a skirt dance that has a few enthusiastic shoulder shimmies in it's choreography. Last night I wore my strap 'em down bra, thinking it would help, but due to the aforementioned weight loss, there was a bit of a shimmy in a place that should ideally only shimmy when there are dollar bills involved (I feel obligated to point out that I am bountifully blessed in that area and have always had trouble reigning them in). The first time it happened, I was a little embarrassed and apparently it showed in my expression, because not long after, the other girls started commenting on the need for a roll of duct-tape. All in good fun, but still, yeesh, talk about embarrassing. Now, my goal is to find a bra that will keep my assets tamed and manageable so it doesn't happen in the future. Ye gods! Bra shopping, how I loath it. I am a reluctant shopper at best if I am buying for myself. Others, I have no problem shopping all day long, but clothing for me? I'd rather roll naked down a hill with a rusty cheese grater and a bag of salt. I buy clothing only because nudity in the bible belt is generally frowned upon, especially public nudity.

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