Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Some how I managed to forget that I even had a blog in the first place. I suppose that I should probably update a bit since it has been an entire year since I did any real blogging. Beatrice came and went, I finished my associate's degree and got accepted to Peru State College. This fall I'll be taking 18 semester hours and hopefully working a part time job. Realistically, I'll probably be lucky to have the time and energy for school and the nerd. Oh well, isn't that kind of the point of financial aid? To cover the things you have to have to survive, like rent and daycare?

The nerd is doing amazingly well. She finished her first year of Pre-K and the differences in her speech patterns are stunning. Hubs got himself promoted and will be going up for another promotion in a few months.

I've been busily unpacking and settling in to the new house. It's twice as big as our last place (which was a ridiculously tiny 513 Sq Ft) and yet I still can't figure out where to put all of our stuff. Admittedly, there are several boxes that should have been "lost" in the move but ended up coming with us anyway. Sigh. Really, who needs three boxes of china tea cups? We don't even drink tea out of tea cups. But god forbid we get rid of the silly things since they were "heirlooms" that sat on his grandmothers china cabinet shelves and were never used in the fifty years she owned them. So now I have the dubious pleasure of trying to find a place for them. Maybe the nerd can help me with that? Hmm. Too devious?

Blerg. Alternately, I still need to get my book list and buy my text books. I'm thinking Chegg.com. When I'm done with that, I need to find a daycare too. And that is, as they say, that.

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