Monday, December 8, 2008

OK, So sue me. I hopped on the blogging bandwagon. This is my introductory post and I'll warn you now, my life swings from soap opera-esque drama to mind crushing boredom with alarming frequency, so if I miss a few days, trust me, it will be worth it in the end, or I was trying to spare you the pain. Either way. Right. I am a crafter-of-all-trades as well as a huge fan of the movement towards re-useables and as such, I will frequently have posts concerning my present craft dujoure(SP? francophiles- don't beat me). So- I'll just intro the characters you are likely to see frequently so we can blunder on with a minimum of confusion. There is the hubs, my first and only, the nerd, who is two and uber-deserving of said appelation, MFL, my friend, and her brood which for simplicity sake will be refered to as brood, no disrespect intended. K? Yesterday was probably one of my less boring days as I was coming off a puking bender with the nerd. I left her with my folks to run some errands, and when I returned, she seemed fine. So home we went and not long after we got to our destination, I had to reassess my concept of fine as she pulled an impression of Linda Blair hopefully not to be repeated. We spent all night over the bucket. Understand please that this was her FIRST pukey sickness, and she was understandably freaked. So long looooong nights with no sleep were had by all and I'm still trying to finish all the laundry generated. Oh, on a different but probably equally gross note for some, I am enamored with my new cloth pads ala Adahy. Yay green alternatives and sewing. Now, you have been inducted into the madness that is my life,I have just wrapped up my semester, and I finished my Christmas wrapping yesterday, so things are all wrapped up. I know, awful, but I couldn't help it.

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