Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome to Hell

So I'm using this forum to vent just a bit of spleen about the fact that I live in Hell. They have just brought in a Jack in the Box(which has to be the GROSSEST restraunt ever), but the likely hood of getting a decent yarn store is next to nil. It is incredibly irritating that I have to drive way the heck out to BFE just to get a decent ball of yarn, or go the internet route and pray the USPS doesn't lose, damage, or otherwise destroy what I just paid to ship. Yet another reason I dislike the internet- shipping fees. I understand that a company has to make a profit and I certainly don't want anyone to lose a ton of money especially now, but seriously, I hate shipping fees. I pay them, but I feel that after a set amount has been paid, it does entitle me to a little bitching about it. I'm done now. Really. And while I have you here, I'll let you know something. I firmly believe in a change the channel policy. If what I say in any of my posts offends you, feel free to change the channel. After all, not many of us can claim that a gunman forced us to sit at a computer and read an objectionable blog, so if you have an issue, feel free to ignore me from that point on. As far as ugly comments and the like go, well, they really aren't worth the karmic damage they take to post are they?

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