Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pica my mind

Whoof! Sometimes I wish I were a bit lest prophetic. My entire family is coping with a seriously foul stomach bug, and up til yesterday I had come through relatively unscathed. Then it happened. I opened my big mouth and said, " i don't have it but when I get it, it's gonna suck." Gag, how right I was. I spent most of last night fighting not to puke, and most of today trying to stay as still as possible, as it was the only thing that kept me from doing a psychedelic yawn. Then hubs said "Why not eat a wet cigarette? If it'll get rid of e-coli, it should help you." So there I am sick as a dog from eating the darn thing, waiting for it to work and the only thing bouncing around my head is: I sure hope this works, cause I'm gonna be ticked if I ate a cigarette for nothing. Now before you freak out and assume my hubs is nuts, they give this info to guys in the military, and (now I know from personal experience) it really does work. So there you go; Tobacco is not all bad. It gets rid of most stomach bugs and it takes the swelling out of ant bites and bee stings. Who knew. On a less gross note, I talked to my grammy today and she said something that surprised the bejessus out of me. She asked if I was planning to pursue a career as a writer. I was not, but then she said that she always enjoyed reading my writing as I always managed to make my letters enjoyable to read. It was a very nice comment and it does add to a suspicion that has been growing in my mind. I always believed that I was a lackluster writer at best, but during the last semester at school, I was invited to take an advanced creative writing class. So maybe I am better at the whole writing thing than I give myself credit for. I still think that most of the nice things people say about my writing are said because the people reading them are people who love me regardless. Maybe I'm just paranoid.

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