Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last Post for Three Hundred Miles.

Sorry, I watched the movie Wild Hogs last night and the scene where they skip the gas station has been chasing itself around in my head. I know, it really was an unfortunate movie, but its fine to watch while you're knitting since it only gets about 25% of your attention (which is all it deserves anyway). I have started my 2009 knitting with a lovely scarf for a swap. No more information until after the deadline. It seems a shame because I think I have found my new favorite yarn that can be bought locally. Any-hoo, all of the knit or crocheted gifts were received with delight and not a little bit of surprise, but everyone seems really pleased with them and I enjoyed the crafting, so win-win there. I'm thinking for next Christmas (yes I am already planning) I'd like to do fair isle-ish mittens and hats for most people and I'm looking forward to playing with color and practicing my chart reading skills. I am still working on building up my supply of DPN's and have managed to work my stash down to a single medium tote that's not even full. So I think I deserve some new yarn. On that note my resolutions for 2009: Spend more time listening and less time yelling. Have a project in mind BEFORE I buy any yarn (unless it glows- it's my weakness, what can I say). Learn to accept the fact that I married a pack rat. Work on convincing him to admit he is one. Successfully relocate to Nebraska. Visit my family more, or at least call more often. Take more pictures of my family (myself included). So there you are. A relatively manageable list of goals for the new year. If all things work out as planned, I should be able to accomplish these thing and maintain some semblance of sanity, and if not, I'll reevaluate and soldier on anyway. As my father is fond of saying (or yelling at street signs) "It says yield- not surrender." So to all those out there a very merry New Year's eve and an awesome hangover free 01/01/09.

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